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My 2014 List

This is my list. There will be some great people out there doing great things but they just haven’t really come to my attention.

They come in no order of preference.

ACPO ranking officers were thin on the ground on social media when I first started but the numbers have swelled and mostly in 2014. There are many who are good and many who are excellent but there are only two who to me have immersed themselves in it fully. Two senior officers who provoke debate, respond to questions, challenge officers to think differently, speak openly about ongoing issues and have clearly made social media a huge part of their daily work.

Simon Cole @CCLeicsPolice
Lynne Owens @CCLynneOwens


The PFEW has made a bit of a horlicks of things this last year. I’m still a member and will remain so but they need to take a leaf out of somebody else’s book. This officer “gets” social media and really uses it to good effect. She speaks common sense on social media and on radio/TV. As I’m well into the second half of my career I will never make the Supt ranks but I’d be very proud that my staff association was led by this person if I was.

Irene Curtis @barrackslass


A passion for social media, a great sense of humour and a real desire to do the right thing. This lady goes the extra mile using social media. She reaches out to people, offers help and support and builds relationships where negativity or fear has always been. It was also a pleasure to meet her this year.

Laurie McCann @thecoffeecop


This man is committed to police use of social media. He drives and enthuses a team of officers to use social media proactively and has been key in developing a social media presence in his police service. His presentation at SmileCon was by far the best of all senior officers there. This man thinks big and is a key player on the RCMP social media presence.

Peter Sloly @deputysloly


At this years SmileCon I was privileged to meet a long time Twitter friend, ex Chief Constable Stuart Hyde. He was very kind when he spoke publicly and said that I had taken a lot of flak over the years but had stuck in there. There’s another person who has also taken a man sized portion of criticism. He has a huge talent, a big heart and a great ability to create debate around policing issues that others steer clear of. He has had a rough ride and we almost lost him this year but he’s back. He’s brilliant and if he is allowed to excel as he deserves then 2015 will be a great year for him and us.



For all the failings of the PFEW communications this year the branches continue to be well represented. The local accounts do well and many push out great content and information highlighting their concerns and those of the officers they represent. I would like to focus on one individual though. Always online, always ready to reply and discuss and demonstrates in his own ability all that the main account needs to learn. This man is an advocate for officers and I’d be proud if he were the chair of my branch.

John Apter @hantsfedchair


Two different skill areas. Two very different people but both excel in their area and are highly regarded. It is notable that these two people hold the rank of Inspector but are nationally recognised and, more importantly, listened to in their specialist areas by officers of every rank. A real reverse mentoring situation in many cases. Both have been involved with using social media for a considerable time and use it to positive effect.

Simon Guilfoyle @simonjguilfoyle
Michael Brown @mentalhealthcop


When it comes to the new year there are always lots of recollections of people who have passed away during the year. This chap is far from his last breath but he has vanished from social media. This chap was a prolific tweeter and posted engaging, informative and entertaining content. He was highly regarded both at local and national level. One of the great aspects of social media, if you excel, is that you can draw attention to your community and area of work that would otherwise not be seen. This can be a huge advantage to all local policing accounts. Sadly pressures were applied and the officer has stepped back from social media. He should, however, not be forgotten in this years list.



My final few accounts are to encourage those who are getting stuck in and really giving social media a try. The Met account is no doubt a bit of a difficult beast to manage but what has been blatantly obvious this year is the rise of the MPS borough accounts and some of the individual tweeting Sgts. They are all making good moves but one I’ve been particularly impressed with this year is.

Charlie Routley @MPSHaroldWoodSgt

The next tweeter goes stateside. The set up here is that one officer manages all social media for his police dept. what is called a PIO (Public Information Officer). This chap is working well within his town, creating good content and has a really good grasp of using social media to the benefit of his communities. He is fast becoming recognised as a learned voice in the USA on police use of social media.

Kyle Roder @EauClairePD


This list could go on forever. There really are some fantastic tweeters out there who are driving the use of social media for the police into new areas. 2015 looks set to be an exciting year.

Best wishes to you all and happy new year.