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The Christmas Arrest

Whilst clearing some shelves at home in advance of some decorating I found the first Bible that my mum gave to me many years ago. Along with the phrase about driven snow referred to in my recent “footprints” blog I found tucked inside the sleeve a piece of paper with this poem typed upon it. I had no idea it was there. I know it’s not Christmas but I thought it was worth sharing.

The Christmas Arrest

It was early Christmas morning, I was walking on my beat
When I stopped this man and woman who were loitering in the street.
They had a little baby boy wrapped up in swathing bands
Asleep inside the carrycot they carried in their hands.
I stopped them on suspicion that the girl was on the game
She called him “Joseph Carpenter” and said “Mary” was her name.
They did not seem to have a home, or other fixed abode
So I took them to the station – which was just across the road.
I searched his trouser pockets as is required by law –
I only found a Census form and little bits of straw.
I left the woman Constable to make a search of her
And in the carrycot was frankincense and myrrh.
They said the baby boy was theirs – but called him “Son of God” –
And said they had to hide him here, away from one Herod.
We checked them in the phone book and searched at CRO
We fed them in the staff canteen and then we let them go.
I made an entry in my book and went to find the car
When right above the station there shone and eastern star.
Angels on the telephone were ringing up the station –
And written on the message pad was
“Jesus our Salvation”.

C.S. Porteous