Locked Up?

‘Locked Up’ is a series of blog posts suggested by my friends at Solihull Police.

The purpose is to give you, the reader, an insight into what would happen should you find yourself on the wrong side of the law and arrested… ‘Locked Up’.

Each blog post covers various aspects of the process in chronological order following a simple offence where the police have made an arrest.

Procedures and policies vary from one police force to the next but the overall situation created is indicative of the main points within the process.

Blog #1 – Covers arrest, transportation considerations and arrival at police custody

Blog #2 – Covers booking in procedures, risk assessments and rights and entitlements

Blog #3 – Covers cell placement and tactics, medical care, initial investigation and fingerprints/photographs/DNA

Blog #4 – Covers waiting time, delays, Inspectors reviews, disclosure and solicitor consultations

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