Great Blogs I Follow

The following blogs are owned and managed by friends and acquaintances I have made during my time using social media. I follow them because of the quality of their work and the respect I have for them and what they have to say.  An eclectic bunch. Take a look.  (images are links to the blogs)

Describing himself as an over-tired, over-worked and over-stressed Constable Chaosmember of the front line, Constable Chaos has a light hearted approach to his blogging whilst still tackling some very serious topics in policing. He was the architect of the fantastic #coverforGMP event and will lend his support to any online campaign that supports policing.

Simon Guilfoyle is a police inspector with a grasp on systems thinking and common sense that many ACPO a32341cd5b0c4117057fcd74bad93198ranks can only aspire to. As a consequence he now travels the country telling senior officers how the target culture they have been chasing is, in reality, fatally flawed. He says he is passionate about doing the right thing in policing. Clever chap and authored a book on Intelligent Policing.

If you want to know anything at all about mental health, policing, healthcare and how they all link together then Insp Michael Brown michael-brown-mental-health-cop_377x250aka Mental Health Cop is your man. A tremendous source of knowledge and experience that he builds upon daily as officers around the country relay their experiences to him. His blog is a central tool to many operational officers but is also widely regarded across the whole sphere of organisations working with mental health.

The Blog That Peter Wrote is by a chap 9fa6e6e3b67e6832495a9a598cc3991eI have engaged with onTwitter since my very early days. The blog covers a vast array of topics including legal matters, gay/equality issues and issues of the day. He is also a bit clever with his european history. Intelligent, well researched and insightful blogger whom I admire and a really nice chap whom I have had the pleasure of meeting face to face.


I tend to think of this chap as Paul Bromford.. his name is actually Paul Taylor. He is the lead on Innovation, Service Design, Research and Development at Bromford. Great blogs that make you think about business and how being social can have huge benefits. A great advocate of social media in the workplace and trusting staff to use it. Follow him on twitter too.. he regularly shares other items of interest that will blow your mind… well blows mine anyway!

The Princess of the short, c478a95964e5d6d3a5eacf0f1a98cafasweet, concise blog that often stops me in my tracks. Writing about emotions, compassion, love and all those little characteristics of our beings that we tend to ignore or pay little regard to. She believes in believing in yourself and being true to yourself. I introduce to you my friend and London guide….. Veep. @PrincessofVP

A relative newcomer to my by favourite blogs. Carl Beech heads carl-beechup Christian Vision for Men (CVM), an international evangelistic men’s movement focused on introducing men to Jesus and equipping the church for the task.  He  speaks to thousands of men in the UK and overseas, encouraging them to live for Jesus and unashamedly tell their friends and family about Him. Under his leadership CVM has expanded into a global movement working in as far afield as Cambodia, India and Canada! Every chance I ‘ve had to  hear him so far I’ve missed. The blog will have to do for now.

CharonQC has been a great friend charonpirateflagand supporter to me on Twitter and was one of those people that put a smile on my face when he followed me. His “Blawg” his an electric mix of law topics sprinkled with humour and an occasional dash of sarcasm. His ‘Vin Rouge’ tour; A tour of the UK in a Jag visiting legal people and blogging about his experiences was fantastic and I hope it resumes soon.

A great blog that I was directed toward by Paul Taylor above.  What’s Small_PONT_imageThe Pont is the blog of Chris Bolton and he describes it as learning. The things he’s learnt and thinks are interesting and worth sharing with a few folk. I like his tag line ‘Bridging People and Ideas’ and it fits his blog beautifully. I like interesting people and Chris fits the bill.

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