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When You Get Home

Are you a tweeter? What is this Twitter phenomenon? I thought I’d try and find out but would do so from an anonymous perspective based around my job. I set up an account, followed a few people and suddenly I have sent 500+ tweets and have approaching 150 followers. It’s rather addictive.

Now I’ve not spent 20yrs in my profession to make scandalous posts or reveal information that will compromise me or my employer. I do have a mortgage to pay after all. Furthermore, sceptics will wonder about my authenticity. Am I really who I claim to be? I have the same thoughts about those I meet through this medium. But that said what a lovely bunch I’ve met so far. I can’t mention them all but come looking for me @TheCustodySgt on Twitter and they are all there.

So for this post I will concentrate on just one Tweeter and one topic. The Tweeter is @toomanyblueys. now known as @defencegirl She manages a blog that can be found here;

Check out the most recent post entitled “Going Back”. It talks about goodbyes. It talks about her boyfriend and their parting as he commences a TOD in Afghanistan. I am not a services person. I can’t begin to imagine the heartache and anguish she and all other families, husbands, wives and lovers must have whilst their loved ones are in harms way on the other side of the world.

This made me think of two things. Firstly how lucky I am. I have a career and a family. My wife works full time. With my shifts we often pass like ships in the night. But we live under the same roof, we do get time together and our beautiful children are around us. Our careers do not separate us for long periods.

The second thing was that we are also the same. When I kiss my wife and walk out of the door she doesn’t know if I will come home. I dread the thought of her facing the knock on the door from a senior officer. It affects me too. I’ve dealt with some awful incidents in my career and had to visit families to pass on bad news. I know what can happen in cities and on motorways. When my wife is late home my mind goes into overdrive thinking on what may have delayed her.

Obviously tragedy can befall anyone. You don’t have to be in the forces or emergency services. But if you choose to put yourself in harms way for the safety of others than the risk factor increases with it. Yet do we do it for glory? Do we do it for recognition? No. In 20 yrs I’ve not met one police officer who was there for the kudos the position and uniform brings (it actually doesn’t bring any). They are there, as are our forces colleagues, because we care and we want to make a difference.

I will leave it there. But when you get next get home. Stop at the threshold. Before you step through the door remind yourself how lucky you are. Send up a short prayer to bring all our forces and emergency service staff home safe and sound. Then step in and embrace whoever is at home for you.