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An #FF Tale

It was raining. The sort of light rain that soaks you to your skin and brings a chill to even the most weather worn traveller. Dave had been at this scene for several hours overnight and the chill and rain had permeated his whole body. Dawn had been slow and with the sun obscured by grey scudding clouds a rather colourless affair. The graveyard was overgrown and most of the headstones were barely legible. Why somebody had come overnight and dug up a body he couldn’t begin to imagine. The roughly piled earth surrounded an unevenly dug hole and the splintered remains of a coffin at the bottom were all he was protecting. The bosses were starting to arrive. About bloody time too Dave thought to himself. I should have been off duty 2hrs ago. Why did these things always happen just as you were going onto rest days?

Inspector Guilfoyle approached him. “Cairnsy, your relief is here. You can get off in a minute.” The Inspector peered into the hole. “Well this is one I couldn’t tell the control room to ignore” he said with a wry grin appearing momentarily across his face. “There’s a lot of interest in this one. They even got the Deputy Chief Constable out of bed.” Dave just nodded. No energy remained for conversation.

His relief came squelching through the long grass. PC Kirkwood had only walked from the car and already looked soaked. Dave handed the scene log to him and headed off. Dave walked to the car park but his attention was drawn to the church doors. Two robed Vicars came out and locked the door behind them. They muttered something to each other then went in seperate directions. He recognised one immediately as St Michaels vicar the Reverend Kneewax. The other he didn’t know at all. He’d covered this patch for years but this face was new to him. To tired to think any harder he climbed into his panda and headed back to the nick.

Getting back to the station took a bit longer than normal due to the remnants of rush hour traffic. Being late in Dave could be excused the courtesy of fuelling his vehicle. He parked outside the back door and went inside.

Sgt Travis was coming down the corridor toward him. “Give me the keys Dave. It’s been a bad night for you. Put your stuff away and get off home.” “Thanks Sarge” replied Dave as he swung into the locker room. Sgt Travis had been acting for a long time and had really taken to the role well. His team respected him and he was always fair with his staff. He had just been told that his confirmation in rank would come at the end of the month. Dave was pleased for him. He deserved it.

He pulled on his civvie clothes and headed to the door. “Where are you going Cairnsy?” came a voice from a side office. Dave stopped and put his head around the door. He knew the voice but somehow wished it were someone else. Sgt James Main looked back at him from behind his desk. This Sgt was a stickler for rules and regulations. Many times he had seen Dave with a stubbly chin and despatched him to the custody block for a prisoners razor. Always ready to pounce on an error or omission, Sgt Main peered at him over half moon spectacles. “You’re not going home without submitting that theft report you attended at the beginning of your shift are you?” Dave’s heart sank. He had forgotten all about it. “Force policy Dave. All crimes to be submitted before retiring from duty.” “Yes Sarge. I’ll do it now” Dave replied.

Dave headed to the parade room to sort the paperwork. PC Salwando was sat just behind the door checking emails. “I heard Sgt Main. Give me all the details and I’ll sort it for you”. Salwando had always been a good mate to him. Dave handed over his pocket book, “Thanks mate. I owe you one. I’ll be in The Bull this afternoon from 3pm. If your free pop in and I’ll buy you a drink.” “No probs” smiled Salwando. “Im off at 3 and will need a drink by then. It’s going to be a long day with all these bosses knocking about. See you about 4 then?”

Dave left for the car park by the bottom door deliberately avoiding the need to pass Sgt Main’s office door again. He wandered over to his car and it cheeped cheerfully as he unlocked the doors. He got behind the wheel and sank into the seat. Tipping his head back against the headrest he took a deep breath through his nose then exhaled slowly through the mouth. His body craved sleep. He turned the key and the engine fired into life and pulling out of the car park he headed home.

To be continued….

This post is fiction but the characters are people I follow on Twitter and by referencing to them I recommend (#FF) them to you. The story is just a different way of #FF’ing that gives me some pleasure. The personalities of my Twitter characters portrayed in this tale are hypothetical and in no way reflect their true professionalism and personal qualities.. it’s meant to be fun.