Paying it forward

Do you work with a #refuge or with families fleeing #domesticabuse? Please take a moment to consider this kind offer.

I’ve been contacted by a family who have been grateful for exactly this kind of help in the past – so much so the daughter, 17, wants to #give something back. She remembers what it was like to spend Christmas in a refuge and remembers the kindness of receiving gifts when her whole world turned upside down. She has 44 reading books which she is hoping to donate as Christmas gifts for teenagers in the same situation.

She has 12 books suitable for girls aged 10-12 &

32 books suitable for girls aged 16+ in excellent condition. This kind young woman was so grateful for her gifts she is now keen to pay it forward. She is happy to gift wrap them and post them to any UK address.

If you are a professional or volunteer working in the field please DM me on Twitter (@SgtTCS) and I shall put you in touch with this amazing young woman’s equally amazing mother to organise!

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