Seen the tweets on my timeline? Curious but not enough to actually go look? What is this new fangled wizardry?

Anything new can be a bit off putting. This is relatively new and sometimes has been a bit buggy but overall it’s pretty good. So what is it?

 If you’re familiar with Google hangout or Skype then you’ll be right at home. It’s a simple video chat or conference system that allows up to four users to have a real time video chat. You log in with your Twitter details. The host manages the video seats to allow in those people who are interesting to talk to and can boot off those who seek to disrupt. Users who cannot or do not want to participate by video can join the conversation by sending text messages into the chat via the interface.

I’ve done some experimenting over the last couple of weeks and have seen a great opportunity to expand on some of the discussions we have on Twitter. In time we could have anon cops (the camera/video can be disable to protect ID) and perhaps even senior officers joining us for a conversation. It’s engaging, it’s informal and it’s fun.

You can participate using an iOS device (the app is available in the App Store) or via a desktop or laptop computer. If using a computer the website is optimised for Google Chrome. You don’t need a camera or mic to join in and watch but do if you want to take a video seat. An iPhone headset seems to work very well.

You can find out a little more about Blab here

I will be online at 9pm GMT tonight. It will be informal, fun and just a chat. Why not join me and see where we can take this together?


One thought on “Blab”

  1. Great ideas, people may like to know as Blab works using webRTC, Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers can be used, although there are promised MS Edge will be coming only quite soon. For me on win10, is the best. On ANdroid mobile/tablet just use Chrome (there is no android app, not really needed at all, as Chrome ‘is’ the app) .. And yes please use a headset as echo/feedback is the biggest wrecker of video calls (from feedback from desktop speakers looping back into mic) ..

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