To follow up on my shock post this morning.

Thank you to many of you who sent me good wishes for the future. Thanks also to all those who said that I would be a loss to policing. 

I feel quite honoured that so many of you value what I do here, what I’ve learned and how that can propel me into a new career. I’m also touched by how many of you felt that I would be a loss to policing. Both viewpoints fill me with confidence that I’m doing something right.

Thank you. 

So what comes next? Well the Ch Supt in charge of HR came to see me this morning and begged me not to leave…. or did he say “You’ve had everyone over a barrel this morning especially Simon Guilfoyle” ?? 😀

To reassure you all… if you’re really bothered..I’m going nowhere. It was an April fool and I’m due to get blocked by @swissminx imminently. 


2 thoughts on “Leaving”

  1. That was a good one! Ps. You’d be missed if you left & most definitely a police service loss, but most importantly, you’d be wished the best in whatever you did – always!

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