Staying Safe

We in the police know about the risks of ignoring safety advice. We deal with it every day. We advise and prosecute people who don’t wear seatbelts. We know the risks. We have dealt with those injured, seriously disfigured or killed because the safety advice to wear a seatbelt had been ignored.

We know how catastrophe can follow a driver using their phone whilst driving or after drinking alcohol. We have stood with distraught parents when their children have ignored safety advice and taken drugs or so called “legal highs”.

We tell people about personal safety, sticking together with friends and never getting so drunk that they cannot take care of themselves but every weekend we see people do just that.


The terrorism threat to police officers in the UK has just been raised to “Heightened”. Your force will have published information to you about simple steps you can take to stay safe. It will ask you to be vigilant. Ask yourself who that person is that is coming in the nick behind you. Did that car behind just tailgate you into the car park?

In simple terms it is safety advice. Advice that you cannot afford to ignore. Do not proceed over the coming weeks on the basis that nothing will happen and that if it does it will happen to someone else.

We give safety advice to people every day. Many take it onboard. Others ignore it and face the consequences.

Read the advice. Put it into practice and keep yourself, your colleagues and your family safe. It’s time to practice what we preach.

Be safe and stay safe.


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