This is Home

There has been much hubris today about this image.IMG_0475.JPG

It’s been lauded as offensive to Muslims as though they are not with “us” against ISIS. Who are “us” exactly? In the Guardian commentisfree section a post has been made that suggests it is a “proxy for anti-Muslim”.

There is a line from Star Trek IV I’m drawn to. The earth is about to be destroyed by an alien probe transmitting a message nobody can understand. Kirk and the crew are increasingly frustrated. “How can we respond if we don’t understand what it is saying to us” says Kirk. Spoc replies;

Only human arrogance would assume the message was for man

What an amazing quote.

The vast bulk of Muslims in this country are British and proud.
The vast majority of Muslims in this country are peaceful people.
The vast majority of Muslims in this country are appalled by ISIS.

Notwithstanding the headlines by The Sun that could have been better this image said something to me far different from those who are jumping up in defence of Muslims who may be upset by it.

I saw this message directed not at Muslims but at everyone else who has misinformed mistrust of them because of the atrocities we have seen recently. To me, this image said to every doubter in this country, no matter their colour or faith, that the Muslims in the UK are as British as the rest of us and it’s about time we recognised that.

This image isn’t saying to Muslims join us. It’s Muslims saying I’m already with you.

It’s not a message for Muslims. It’s a message for everyone else to open their eyes. Only our own arrogance allows us to view it otherwise.


One thought on “This is Home”

  1. Very well said and totally agree, the small minority label the bigger majority. 90% of the citizens referenced were born in GB. We talk about IS all we doing is giving the publicity they crave

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