Janet and John

The Police Federation of England and Wales have just released their manifesto. A statement of where they stand and what they hope to fight for.

I’m not a big fan of such things. Perhaps tinged by years of political parties who raise a manifesto before a general election and then comprehensively ignore it once in power. On the launch of the document I tweeted that it was at least a start. Now we needed to see action.

Well the PFEW have made a start with that action. They are, of course, at the Conservative party conference and participating in fringe events. They have also recognised that officers are human beings. They have used the catchphrase;

Ordinary people making extraordinary decisions

To reinforce this they have created a short video. This is published on their website and has been circulated on social media. You can view it here;


Please ensure you watch it before you read on.

What on earth were they thinking? If primary school children needed to know about the decisions police officers make on a daily basis then this would be the video. For anyone else it’s a condescending, poorly thought out and badly delivered idea. It portrays in a “Janet and John” or “ladybird book” style what is in fact a very serious message that should be driving home the dangers officers face daily. Reinforcing the split second decisions we have to make.

To give the whole thing something to compare with we need look no further than the videos created by the Scottish Police Federation. There are a few and are hosted on the “It’s What We Do” website.

Here is one of them;

The others can be found here.

If you were trying to press home this important message which would you choose?

If you were campaigning at the Conservative party conference and lobbying MP’s which would you want them to see?

Sadly, if you’re like me, you will choose the hard hitting and realistic ones provided by our Scottish colleagues.

This latest effort to show support for their members only seeks to make us look ridiculous. The PFEW need to have a serious think about what they are doing. The membership will become even more disenfranchised and that will simply play straight into the hands of the Govt, the dissolution of the PFEW and open the doors to the College of Policing.

In Twitter parlance.. #EPICfail

Get a grip folks before it’s too late.


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