A Changed Man

A very honest and accurate blog on policing today.


“Welcome to the real world.”

I may be paraphrasing slightly but I am absolutely sure that words to that effect have been used countless times over the years by senior ‘old sweat’ cops to their junior colleagues. I also see mention of the ‘real world’ many times on social media accounts of serving officers.

I’m also sure that I’ve probably tweeted or blogged something similar myself in the past.

Which got me thinking… what is the real world?

Without getting too philosophical, it is of course all relative. One persons perception of the world is completely different to another. We all view things in slightly different ways and you only have to look at the varied opinions on just about any subject in the world to see that.

The ‘real world’ a police officer experiences is completely unique and unparalleled in society. To such an extent that I think it…

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