London Centric Cops

The Met Police have announced that the recruitment if new PC’s will be limited to those who live in London.

The lines being used are “Londoners policing London” and having “a police service that is representative of its community.” I don’t disagree with the latter part. The police service should reflect its community.

So are the Met becoming London living cop focused? Do they want Londoners who know, love and have lived or even grown up in their boroughs? Maybe they do. There could even be an argument for this. Yet this is not the issue. The Met, like most forces, fall short on BME recruitment and this is a push to try and redress that balance. By restricting the process there is the hope that more BME recruits will come forward.

Are they really that naive?

The Met and other forces must look at increasing BME representation within the ranks. This needs a focused and rational process that addresses why so few BME people are unwilling to join and how those people are retained. That is the question that needs tackling. Narrowing the goalposts and trying to force the issue does nothing to answer that question. It may make short term gains that can be promoted and hailed as a success but does nothing to engender a long term solution.


2 thoughts on “London Centric Cops”

    1. A good point. Though history of Met recruitment would beg the question “what does local mean”. They have traditionally drawn staff from all over the country.

      It was always a standing joke that if you couldn’t get in your local force the Met would have you.

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