Four People

There were once four police officers. They were named, Somebody, Anybody, Everybody and Nobody.

One day a suggestion was put forward to have #100COPS at the UK COPS survivors weekend. This wasn’t ACPO and senior officer ranks but frontline operational officers. The purpose was to support the families of police officers who had fallen in the line of duty. Those who had paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The plan was put forward and gained much support on social media. There were no special requirements.

The opportunity was open to Everybody. Anybody could do it. Somebody should do it but in the end Nobody did it.

Everybody thought Somebody would do it and agreed that Anybody could do it but Nobody did it.

Somebody got angry. They chose to shout at Everybody and said Anybody could do it. Everyone agreed that Somebody had to make that first step and commit to #100COPS and Everybody would then follow suit but Nobody stepped forward.

In the end the matter gained momentum. Nobody held back and Somebody said Anybody could go and eventually Everybody went and stood, with pride, alongside families and paid tribute to police officers gone… but never forgotten.


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