National Poetry Day

As it was National Poetry Day I asked folk to submit their best poem/rhyme and I would post them up tonight. There have been quite a few. Some met the criteria of containing it within one tweet. Others added an image with way over 140 characters but I guess it was still “one” tweet! Take a look below. If I missed yours let me know.

Back lights are red,
My lights are blue.
If yours are defective,
I can breathalyse you.



It’s such a shame,
a life cut short.
Time to live, love;
do so much more



Someone’s mental health disorder
Should not be left to law and order
Respect and compassion
Should always be the fashion



Its kicking out time,
The night is chilly,
Get out of that doorway,
Put away your willy!



We go the extra mile
protecting communities,
making them smile.
Catching criminals is our role
Reducing crime our goal.



Trafffic cop, traffic cop,
hiding in a bush;
with his sneaky laser gun,
picks off the daily rush



Walk proud walk talll
I’m your saviour
I’ll bear your burden,
restore your peace,
have faith In me,
I serve you all



I heard them screaming from the stairs
Fighting and crying was always there
The blue lights shone and silence came
I am safe now peace came



My cell is not a place to heal
If ill thru mental health you feel
Though 136 provides I shall
I’ll take you to a hospital



Don’t drive silly in this rain
please remember engage the brain
you will need to drop your speed
an increased distance is what you need.



The AMHP said “Open up this door”
Or I’ll detain you under Sec.4!”
“If you want me alive
You’ll need a Sec.135!”



Fasten your seatbelt with a click,
Don’t become a statistic,
It takes a second, no strife,
And it will save your life.



Custody haiku

‘Is it raining out?’
He asked while signing for bail
‘No idea’ I said



So when you’re lying on the floor
We come running to the door
With shiney boots, and a hi-viz vest
We always try to look our best…..



I have seen things you fear to see,
been places you fear to be,
done things you fear to do
and all this I’ve done for you




Another from @wokingbeat


Heavy rain on its way
standing water, lots of spray
headlights on, slow right down
For safety’s sake, the only way.



Our pocketbooks are red,
our sirens are blue,
if you’ve done something wrong,
we’re on the way to get you!



Roses are red
Police cells are blue
I’m waiting in custody
You’re so slow it’s untrue




PACE, a poem
“You’re the brief for the thief?
That is a relief.
The chief was giving grief”.



Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I have coercive powers.
Get in the van.



Dave, Tom and Theresa have got policing in a mess,
and now we’ve got an HMCIC with a taste for fancy dress!!



se don’t laug
h at my poem.
It’s re
ally quite ha
Writing poe
try in a polic
e car going to N
ew Scotland Yard



Domestic abuse buried deep
no one to turn to
no comfort, just weep
Help is out there; shout
Don’t be silent
Speak out!




Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If you commit an offence
We’re going to get you.



A Londoner called Joan
At the sound of our heli would moan
Till one day she was left
A victim of theft
And the skycops recovered her phone



We’re the police of Stepney green
Proud & strong, righteous & keen
We’ll fight crime & end the wrongs
Making Stepney a safer place to belong




2 thoughts on “National Poetry Day”

  1. Do not know if it counts as poetry, but;

    “You are fekin KNICKED laddie”

    Is one of my favourite phrases. But then, When I was in, Gene Hunt was REAL and the CID office was FULL of them..

  2. Plod heed Dylan shows how
    To elevate your middle brow,
    And how to scale and see the sights
    From modernist Parnassian heights

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