Snow Driving

A consolidated list of all my snow driving tweets from last week.

Snow driving: clear windows fully before setting off on each and every movement.

Snow driving: clear head and tail lights before driving. Turn dipped lights on. Increases visibility and heat helps keep lens clear

Snow driving: take warm coat, hat, gloves etc. You will need them if you have to get out and walk. Ladies take sensible shoes or boots.

Snow driving: if the safest, fastest speed is 10mph. Drive AT 10mph.

Snow driving: 4wd owners. Unless you really know what you’re doing then you are NOT invincible.

Snow driving: Double, better still, TRIPLE your separation and stopping distances.

Snow driving: ABS will not work as effectively in snow conditions. DO NOT rely on it.

Snow driving: Plan your route using major roads as they are more likely to be clear.

Snow driving: Ensure you have a mobile phone with you. Some water and food is useful if stuck for a while. Keep tank and washers topped up.

Snow driving: If stuck do not run engine if risk of fumes coming into car. Keep exhaust tail pipe clear. Run engine for 15mins an hour max

Snow driving: if stranded in very heavy snow stay with car. Rescue patrols will be looking for you.

Snow driving: it won’t hurt to have a shovel in the boot.

Snow driving: if battery has any weakness this weather will highlight them. Be wary of using lots of power on many short journeys.

Stay safe, drive with care and #arrivealive


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