Do you turn your wipers off?

Following on from the “Ever been fishing?” blog.

It was dark. Visibility was superb and the earlier rain had long since gone. The oncoming vehicle was lit up like a christmas tree. Headlights on dipped beam that were misaligned and two fog lamps slung beneath the front bumper with an intensity somewhat close to the sun were all blazing out.

The officer was dazzled. He squinted and looked away. As the car passed the officer had an opportunity to perform a quick ‘u’ turn. When finally behind the car he noted that the rear fog lights were not lit, only the normal tail lights one would expect. He lit up the car with the new led roof bar and caused the vehicle to stop.

The driver remained in the car. Approaching the drivers seat the officer could see that the young male driver had the seat as low as it could go and reclined so far it was almost horizontal. “Step out onto the pavement would you please” he asked. The young lad tutted at the same time as drawing a quantity of breath through his teeth but complied with the request.

The officer pointed out the offence of misuse of front fog lamps. The young lad, who had by now asked his mate to turn down the thumping music emanating from the car said “I”m sorry officer. I’ve just come off the motorway and it was foggy”. The officer smiled “Was it raining?” he asked. “Yes it was” replied the lad.

“I see” said the officer “and did you use your windscreen wipers?” A puzzled look starts to cross our young drivers face. “Er.. yeah of course I did” he says and rallies a little. He clearly thinks the officer is stupid. “Are your wipers on now?” said the officer. “Of course not” said the lad. “It’s not raining now so I turned them off”.

“Very good” said the officer. “Not foggy anymore is it?”

Young lad went quiet. Took his ticket and went on his way.


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