Ever been fishing?

A true story

The traffic officer of some considerable experience alighted his patrol car. The speeding motorist was already out of his car and the officer directed him to the kerb.

The officer pointed out to the driver the reason for stopping him. The driver was angry and continually protested his innocence. The officer listened as he completed his HORT/1. The man had been speeding and he had heard all these excuses before. 65mph in a 40 was not acceptable and he was being reported no matter what he said.

As he wrote the other traffic on road continued to speed on by unchallenged.

“Look at him there. And her and him” the driver yelled. “Why stop me? What are you going to do about them?”

The officer stopped writing and looked up at the motorist. “Have you ever been fishing sir?” he enquired in a calm and level voice. The question threw the motorist and silenced him. He had no idea where the officer was going with this question. Quizzically he looked back at the officer and replied somewhat cautiously, “Yes officer. I have as a matter if fact.”

“Good” replied the officer. “Did you catch all the fish?”

The motorist took his HORT/1 without another word and went on his way.


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