Having it Both Ways

I had a chat with my eldest the other day. She has been invited to a party by one of her best friends during August that involves dinner out and a sleepover. She can’t go.

She has had a similar disappointment recently. She couldn’t attend a party because she was committed to a weekend away at a Guiding event she really wanted to do. At the last minute the event was cancelled due to the deluge of rain we had been experiencing. Sadly this didn’t open the door to the party as it needed to be booked and she was now too late to go. Lots of tears.

The recent event we chatted about falls during our family holiday. She was excited about the invite only to find we will be on holiday and she can’t go. She is also extremely excited about our forthcoming holiday. Many tears were shed on how unfair it all was. I told her we could leave her behind if she wanted so she could go to the party but she would miss the holiday. Clearly this was never an option but it was part of making the point that you can’t always have your cake and eat it. You can’t always have it both ways.

I blogged last week on the response in some quarters about the not guilty verdicts in the Tomlinson manslaughter and Birmingham Riots murder cases. I sit typing today somewhat annoyed by the very similar response revolving around a set of lost keys at an Olympic venue.

The police, at the moment, are being held responsible for this fiasco. A fiasco? Yes. I use this word deliberately because it has been used widely to describe the failures of G4S. Yet again we find that some are ridiculing anyone who criticises the police for this situation. They either seek to minimise the situation or throw their arms up in outrage, mock or not and threaten to take our ball home and leave it to G4S.

What a load of nonsense!

I am not without criticism of G4S as many of you will know. They have made some colossal foul ups. The biggest issues have been resolved by the implementation of the military and greater numbers of police. There are still many financial issues that G4S will need to address and be held to account for. However, we cannot resolve those issues now. They messed up. We know it, they know it and the country know it. Move on.

We often claim that when an officer steps out of line we shouldn’t all be tarred with the same brush. If we make that claim for ourselves then we should respect that right for the individual’s working at the Olympics for G4S who are doing a good job. Never mind the 1000’s of volunteers.

If we have lost a set of keys worth £40k then somebody needs their backside kicking but it is not the end of the world. The media need to appreciate that things like this happen and police officers (anon or not) need to realise that their feigned outrage is petty, unnecessary and demonstrates a childish and oafish use of social media.

You can’t have it both ways.


3 thoughts on “Having it Both Ways”

  1. Freedom, rights, responsibility, accountability – all things that are interlinked yet many just do not grasp them as concepts.

    Nice blog, sarge. Thank you.

  2. Princess responded to your main point so well it just leaves me to debunk the 40k key myth.

    A Laser key is a trademark, it neither contains nor is made with a laser, it is just a flat metal bar with a pattern milled into it. Some car keys are of this pattern, all it means is you can’t clamp it up to a blank and file it down to match.

    The number was probably pulled out of the air, even if they replaced all the locks in critical areas I doubt it would be anywhere near that.

    Bringing it back to home, have you had the advice about euro cylinders in your area?

    (I don’t earn a crust selling locks, I just happened to have these facts stored away for some odd reason.)

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