Fiction … I hope

He reached for his Coca-Cola balanced in the drinks cabinet of the plush BMW. Reaching out his arm exposed the expensive Omega wristwatch. He sat back and relaxed. His Acer laptop was showing a steady climb in his investment portfolio. McDonalds, BP and Adidas were doing particularly well. His Samsung mobile chirped. Incoming video call on the go. Courtesy of the latest wifi technology from BT. He answered.

It was the top man at Lloyds TSB. Confirmation all was going to plan and all tax liability would be halved by clever use of off shore accounts. Another call from his legal advisors White & Case. BBC wanted to interview him. Allegations of back room deals that increased his personal wealth whilst blocking all other competition. He smiled before agreeing. He had all the spin he needed to tackle that. It would all be forgotten by the time the event was over. He’d be long gone by then. Unanswerable and unaccountable.

#aworkoffiction I hope



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