National Twitter Tribute #2

I have spent some time discussing my proposal for a national twitter tribute for PC Ian Dibell today with a representative of the Essex Corporate Communications team.

My hope has always been to generate a tribute to Ian across the twitter network that shows our respect and admiration for him. Far better that we coordinate ourselves into one single voice to show Ian’s family, friends and colleagues how much we care and how we too feel his loss.

Essex are keen to follow up the suggestion and will carefully lead on this to ensure any decision meets with the approval of Ian’s family and his home force. In many ways I think in such instances less means so much more. My thoughts were for a simple image that everyone can upload, a single hashtag and perhaps a twitter silence on a date to be notified.

We are keen to hear your thoughts and suggestions too. If you have an image you think is suitable please send it to me. If you have a hashtag suggestion or another thought altogether please let me know. I will forward all images and suggestions to Essex and they will decide what goes ahead.

Suggestions and images can be sent to me direct ;

Many thanks


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