National Twitter Tribute

Yesterday the British police service lost a member of their family. PC Ian Dibell died in the finest traditions of British policing. Selflessly serving the public whilst off duty to protect individuals who cannot protect themselves.

My thoughts, prayers and love go to all his family friends and colleagues who will feel his loss most keenly.

It is a sad day for us all across the country both in the police service and also the general public.

It is vital that we mark this distressing event with the appropriate dignity and respect for our fallen colleague.

It is appropriate therefore for us to carefully consider our response to this news across the social media platforms. Across Twitter we are a strong and powerful force. We are able to share our message and feelings with many many people. Therefore it stands to reason that we should consolidate our efforts into one push that really signifies our true feelings and respect for our fallen friend.

It is a very difficult time for all of us but especially for Ian’s family. We must respect their wishes and their desires. To that end I have contacted the Police Federation headquarters and made representation that we should follow their lead in a moving tribute across Twitter for Ian.

Instead of many separate and disjointed efforts around the country we can have one national tribute that is befitting of Ian’s courage and dedication.

When emotions are so raw it would be easy to vent our frustrations and hurt on those who have contrary views to us about policing. Now is not that time. Ian died doing what we would all do and that is what we should remember.

If you would be kind enough to wait until further updates come from myself so that we can all show our respect with one voice.

Thank you


4 thoughts on “National Twitter Tribute”

  1. At the start of my teams briefing last night, we stood and held a minutes silence to remember and show our respect to our fallen colleague, PC Ian Dibell.

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