Open Letter to Mr Blair Gibbs

The following is direct copy of an email I have sent to Mr Blair Gibbs of The Policy Exchange today.

Mr Gibbs

[Open letter – hosted at

All my previous attempts to obtain a response from you on Twitter have been ignored. I appreciate you are most likely a very busy man. I also know how hard it can be to manage a twitter account when you get lots of mentions. It is very easy to miss messages that may be relevant and worthy of a response. To that end I felt it was maybe appropriate to drop you an email.

My attention was recently drawn to a tweet you made at 1247hrs on 16.5.12;

“Politicians know Police Fed conf has become an annual charade; opposition yes, occasional abuse but never open ridicule like this #pfew2012”

I read your tweet and felt compelled to draw a comparison to the behaviour of our politicians in the House of Commons. It created an interesting juxtaposition and one where I felt your reaction was exaggerated. It would be fair to say, and is a matter of public record, that the behaviour of our politicians in the Commons chamber, particularly at Prime Ministers Question Time is nothing less than deplorable. The situation at the Police Federation Conference pails into insignificance in comparison.

I disagreed with your view that the conference delegates openly ridiculed the Home Secretary. However I also accept that you are entitled to an opinion. I assume that despite our disagreements over current police reforms and policy that deep down you are a man of honour and principles. So when listening to Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons today I immediately thought of you. The Prime Minister showed a level of anger and aggression that is unprofessional and not what I would expect of the leader of our country, no matter which party they represent. His comment about “muttering idiots” was clearly open ridicule, fuelled by anger, wholly unnecessary and unacceptable. This behaviour far surpasses that of the conference delegates.

As head of Crime and Justice at The Policy Exchange I will assume you understand the meaning of justice.


the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness

the moral principle determining just conduct

If my assumption that you are man of principle and honour is correct then it would be fair for me to assume that you would condemn Mr Cameron’s behaviour today. I wonder if you would have the courtesy to stand by your principles and post such a message on twitter. Alternatively I will gladly post any reply you choose to make by email on my blog. If you find that you cannot make such a statement then I would be most grateful if you would post a tweet or reply to me withdrawing your criticism of the federation conference delegates.

As Franklin D Roosevelt said;

“Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.”

Are you prepared to stand by your principles?

I look forward to hearing from you,


@thecustodysgt – Twitter


7 thoughts on “Open Letter to Mr Blair Gibbs”

  1. Well said Sarge, well said. I’m guessing you’re not holding your breath for an answer …

  2. TCR – Well written and I do hope this time Mr Gibbs responds. I doubt he will as he hasn’t got time for those at the coal face. Please keep up the good work. The custody record a blog well worth reading.

  3. Sarge, a spot on summary of how many of us, if not all, view the hypocrisy and double standards exhibited by the politicians. I believe that the comments he made about the Fed Conference just about sum up not only the contempt he has for the police service, but also an accurate indication of how low this governemnt values the independent office of constable.

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