PC David Rathband

Never forget that we are human. We are not remote from society. We are part of it like you. If we worried about the possible consequences of every tour of duty, every job we would never get out of the police station. We do a job, a job we love and are proud of. When others are running away from danger we are running toward it.

Our lives can be turned upside down in seconds. The most solid relationships can crumble. The stablest of families can fall apart. Sometimes irreparably.

Davids legacy will continue so long as we remember the problems he experienced, the difficulties he faced and that we ensure his charity succeeds in supporting other emergency service personnel facing life changing situations.

I send my prayers and best wishes to his family, friends and colleagues. I’m sure I speak on behalf of every police officer in the country…

Rest in peace David. We salute you.


The Blue Lamp Foundation website is here

Check the Twitter hashtag #haveabrewwithdavid

Why not pass up the opportunity to have a coffee and donate the money to David’s charity. Mighty oaks from acorns grow. Do it today.


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