Buckle Up

This post has been sat pending for a short while. I have been prompted to post it up by my Twitter pal Dave.


When I was a kid these were rarely worn by anyone. Kids went in the back of cars and bounced around all over the place. Over the years the legislation has been tightened up considerably. I don’t know about you but I feel almost naked if I don’t have my seatbelt on when I’m in a car.

Having dealt first hand with the consequences of people who haven’t been wearing their seatbelts I cannot stress too much to anyone how important it is to wear one. The trouble most people seem to have is a belief that accidents do not happen to them. They happen to other people. There is also that built in “laziness” factor. The excuse that the journey is just around the corner and “what’s going to happen in that distance”. I remember the Jimmy Saville advert years ago… “Clunk. Click. On every trip” This is as true today as it was then.

People seem to be inherently lazy. This is even more apparent where children are concerned. I live in a very small village and I’m absolutely appalled at the amount of local drivers who drive with children who are not strapped in. It’s utterly disgraceful but it’s not isolated to my village. Take a close look next time you walk to school or through your town or city.

Most folk believe that the most important thing they have is their children. So why is it that so many parents drive to school safely fastened in whilst their children bounce around the back seat, hang out of windows or stand up between the front seats? A recipe for disaster. Maybe only when their child has gone flying past them, through the windscreen and down the road will they start to realise the importance of such a simple piece of equipment. But by then it’s too late. Of course the secondary factor in such a situation is the weight of an airborne child. The child bashes you on the head as it flys past you on a journey to horrific injuries or death. The impact is like a lump hammer and could kill you too! Open your eyes drivers and realise the importance of driving safely and ensuring all your children are buckled up.

Take a look at this video… it’s not gory… it’s actually beautifully made and although based on an adult without a belt it does bring home the point. There is more to life than rushing from one place to another and forgetting about the important things.

The comparison between this and Jimmy Saville is stark but the message remains the same. 40 years of shouting this message and it still hasn’t got through to some people?


6 thoughts on “Buckle Up”

  1. I have nothing to add except the fatals I have dealt with where drivers minding their own business before being rear ended. Not their fault but had they been wearing a seat belt they would be alive today

  2. I remember when wearing a seat belt wasn’t compulsory, in fact my dad still refuses to wear his even now, he just drapes it across himself so that it looks like he’s wearing it. Personally i just don’t get his train of thought on that.
    However, i can’t drive without mine on, it just doesn’t feel right, you move around way too much.
    Your so right about parents not belting in their kids though, your kids are the most precious cargo you will ever carry in a vehicle.

    Keep up the great blog writing

  3. There are two things that I observe of drivers while walking or on the bus freqently: lack of the use of seatbelts and the number of drivers who still don’t seem to know (or care) that it’s illegal to drive while using your movile phone. The law changed almost 8 years ago! Both annoy me equally.

  4. Well said, I always buckle up, but have to remind hubby.
    I think i’ve seen it all but then get surprised at some of the muppets on the road.
    best wishes

  5. I would never, ever consider being in a moving vehicle without a seatbelt. It’s been drilled into me from day one (quite literally) that you get in a car and put your seatbelt on, no thought or questions.

    Why laziness factors into it I don’t know, it barely takes any time at all. When driving, I do it while I wait for the heater plug light to go out, so diesel drivers have no excuse at all.

    But then, I had what may be now a rare thing – responsible parents.

    I think a lot of resistance to it comes down to people not liking being told what to do, even if it’s for safety. You’d see the same thing if it was compulsory to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. Actually maybe it’s especially for safety. People think they can accurately judge risks (they can’t), and find safety legislation to be insulting.

  6. What about that old excuse “But little Jonny knows how to undo his belt and I cant do up again while I am driving”
    I mean for one it never occurred to my children they could undo it while the car was moving and unless and until they were told to – the sort of basic discipline so often absent these days – but even so who is the adult and who is the child? If a parent cannot enforce seat belt rules they should not be in charge of children in the first place!!

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