This Morning

I was woken at 2.30 by the dog whining downstairs. My eyelids were heavy but knowing how he can be I forced myself up to try and avoid a clean up job when I was due to get up at 5.30.

I shuffled along the landing and headed downstairs still half asleep. He can’t stand very well on the wooden floor so I grabbed him by the collar and helped him to his feet. We progressed to the kitchen together, me shuffling and him sliding around and opened the door to let him out. He stood looking at me like I was some sort of imbecile. He turned around and lay down on the kitchen floor.

I was now awake and somewhat hacked off that he didn’t want to go out. He got up, had a drink of water and then walked with me back to his bed.

I returned upstairs and my next recollection was the alarm at 5.30. I came down and feeling grumpy and groggy scowled at the dog for getting me up. He didn’t move. I made breakfast and then sat in a chair to eat. He struggled to his feet and came to lie by mine. My resolve to give him nothing weakened and his eyes won me over. I can’t stay mad at him for long. He got a toast corner and a pat on the head. He’s a bit like an elderly relative now. You love them dearly but as there life crumbles around them you may get angry on occasions but you can’t just stop loving them and get rid.

I sat reading tweets, got ready and left for work before realising I was a little late. Not enough to worry about but annoying nevertheless.

I headed off down the lanes. My mind was a jumble of thoughts with no real focus. Passing the village church the scenery opens up a bit and I was struck by the colour of the sky.

I was driving east. The sun was still below the horizon but the sky was a deep moody purple colour. This graduated upwards to a rich red and a pale pink before a slight touch of dusky blue overhead. Behind to the west was still black.

I continued the drive. As the sun increased it’s rise the purple dissipated into a cherry red and the pink intensified. This pink was then mirrored on the eastern edges and undersides of the high clouds. Aircraft contrails criss-crossing the sky in the same pink colour looked like children’s daub marks with a pastel chalk.

All the trees, hedges an fields were in shadow and the monochrome foreground only set to intensify the colours.

The horizon line was now pink merging into a dark tobacco orange and then paled to indiscernible melting line where it became the pale blue of a morning sky. The amazing rotation of the planet meant that this galaxy of colours was constantly changing. Colours intensify then fade as others assume their position.

Tobacco orange was now brighter and the contrails now looked like shiny orange highlighter pen strokes on a pale blue canvas. A yellow corona sat above the orange horizon line like a halo.

I suddenly found myself in the car park at work. The journey had gone. I’d been on autopilot simply taking in the majestic wonder of our planet and the sun. My frustration and anger had melted away. I was calm. I stepped out of the car, collected my bag and took one last glance at the sky before heading indoors.

I smiled. The day would be good and I was filled with a glad to be alive feeling. A rare feeling indeed when facing another 12hrs in custody.

If you find yourself angry or under pressure today. Stop take a few deep breaths and drink in your surroundings. No matter where you are there will be some beauty around you.

Have a great day and enjoy your weekend.


7 thoughts on “This Morning”

  1. I'm glad this story had a happy ending, I was worried about your dog. I worry too much :o)

    (Came here from a link on twitter)

  2. A lovely post. I, too, drive to work as dawn breaks. It has been foggy round our way this week, and the beauty of the sun through the shifting mist has been breathtaking. I find it soothing too, before a long day teaching. I hope your old dog is ok. xx

  3. Thanks both. He's fine. Decrepit, 12yrs old and very arthritic but fine. He has simple pleasures. Lying in sun on front garden, food, sleep and fuss. He gets lots of all. 🙂

  4. Yeah. We had the ethereal beauty and fragility of a West British foggy / sunny morning today: the world smelt fresh and it was great to be alive.

    Then the scrotes took over and it was Groundhog Day. MISPERS, chopsy pogues in the bins, shite domestics, a (non) rape and the usual facebook harassment time-wasting and general “entitled poor” shite.

    But at the end of my turn I drove home again and had my spirits lifted by the natural beauty of the place I am lucky enough to live in.

    Just another day. I'm sure tomorrow will be the same 🙂

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