Peace and Quiet

This is the second in the “Unpublished Series”. This was written in August 2010 just before the arrival of our son. This post and one that will follow in a day or so will be very pertinent to a twitter pal @pclocal who has just become a proud father himself. A moment of peace and quiet in our busy and stressful lives gives us an opportunity to reflect on how lucky we really are.

It’s 8.15 in the morning and I’m sitting in the lounge with a cup of tea typing this out on my iPhone. The girls went to the inlaws on Tuesday and wifey is still in bed. No3 is kicking, elbowing and doing somersaults every night so she is not sleeping very well.

The house is deathly quiet. It’s really odd. We live in a very quiet village so there is no road noise. The only sound in the house I can hear is the slow steady breathing of the dog in his bed. The next door neighbour is getting ready for work. She has stiletto heels on as I can hear her moving up and down the kitchen. She has been out to the car a few times and her heels can be heard tap, tap, tapping down the drive and back again. I think she is leaving now. The front door has banged shut, their dog has yapped a few pitiful barks in parting and the car engine is running. The silence now is more deafening than before.

Normally at this time of day I would be politely encouraging the children to get ready for school. Summer hols are different and they get to lounge around a bit but nevertheless there would inevitably be arguments between them about what to do, who has which toy and a million questions about what is for breakfast. A constant background chatter.

During long school hols you have the kids all the time. Despite the fact you love them dearly they can and will drive you potty. Patience wears thin and it is way to easy to lose your rag. You yearn for half an hour of peace and quiet. Just “me” time. When you get this time all you do is spend it thinking about them, missing them and fostering an incomplete sort of feeling. A bit like the British and how we complain about the weather. We get no sun and gripe about it and when it does come we whinge that it is too hot.

In many ways it is almost the calm before the storm. Sleepless nights and early mornings will arrive soon along with the baby. The girls are very excited and home will become a very different place again. But for the better.

The peace and quiet is odd. Should I get dressed and do some jobs. Should I slob out in my pj’s and do nothing? Maybe neither… maybe both. But whilst sat here I have had the chance to ponder on how blessed I am. I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters. I have a roof over my head, food in my cupboards and money in my pocket (not much!). The peace gives me time to pause and reflect. How did I ever get here? What did I do to be given so much?

My life is in Gods hands. He lays out my path and I only need to follow it. I may err and stray but I only need to ask the way and He will guide me back. My spiritual GPS! Only in this quiet time, missing my girls and looking forward to our new arrival can I truly appreciate what I have and what is to come.

I think a second cup of tea and some toast is called for :o)


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