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Ask any serving or retired Police Officer what is one of the most annoying, throwaway comments that they hear on a daily basis?

For me it was ‘Haven’t you got anything better to do than…….’

a) Do me for not wearing a seatbelt

b) Speeding/mobile phone, who doesn’t speed/use their phone/text whilst driving these days?

c) I’m only having a piss, what’s the problem?

d) It’s not like I’ve nicked the Crown Jewels for fucks sake….

My answer was, as polite as I could muster;

a) I would rather be giving you a ticket for no seatbelt than trying to piece together your face after it’s gone through the windscreen

b) Just a bit of speeding/texting/phone call?  Ah right, okay I’ll remember to tell that to the parents of your next victim when you plough into them because you either didn’t see…

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A Changed Man


A very honest and accurate blog on policing today.

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“Welcome to the real world.”

I may be paraphrasing slightly but I am absolutely sure that words to that effect have been used countless times over the years by senior ‘old sweat’ cops to their junior colleagues. I also see mention of the ‘real world’ many times on social media accounts of serving officers.

I’m also sure that I’ve probably tweeted or blogged something similar myself in the past.

Which got me thinking… what is the real world?

Without getting too philosophical, it is of course all relative. One persons perception of the world is completely different to another. We all view things in slightly different ways and you only have to look at the varied opinions on just about any subject in the world to see that.

The ‘real world’ a police officer experiences is completely unique and unparalleled in society. To such an extent that I think it…

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ACPO to go

ACPO to go

This is not a strange order for a take out. ACPO have announced that they are to disband and regroup.

Read here from West Yorks Federation.

There is superb empirical evidence available in this area. It shows that when something is failing and has a negative reputation that rebranding and rising like a Phoenix from the ashes is highly successful.

Take a look at Centrex… sorry I mean the NPIA… ah hang on … er.. Yes! The College of Policing!

London Centric Cops

The Met Police have announced that the recruitment if new PC’s will be limited to those who live in London.

The lines being used are “Londoners policing London” and having “a police service that is representative of its community.” I don’t disagree with the latter part. The police service should reflect its community.

So are the Met becoming London living cop focused? Do they want Londoners who know, love and have lived or even grown up in their boroughs? Maybe they do. There could even be an argument for this. Yet this is not the issue. The Met, like most forces, fall short on BME recruitment and this is a push to try and redress that balance. By restricting the process there is the hope that more BME recruits will come forward.

Are they really that naive?

The Met and other forces must look at increasing BME representation within the ranks. This needs a focused and rational process that addresses why so few BME people are unwilling to join and how those people are retained. That is the question that needs tackling. Narrowing the goalposts and trying to force the issue does nothing to answer that question. It may make short term gains that can be promoted and hailed as a success but does nothing to engender a long term solution.


Four People

There were once four police officers. They were named, Somebody, Anybody, Everybody and Nobody.

One day a suggestion was put forward to have #100COPS at the UK COPS survivors weekend. This wasn’t ACPO and senior officer ranks but frontline operational officers. The purpose was to support the families of police officers who had fallen in the line of duty. Those who had paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The plan was put forward and gained much support on social media. There were no special requirements.

The opportunity was open to Everybody. Anybody could do it. Somebody should do it but in the end Nobody did it.

Everybody thought Somebody would do it and agreed that Anybody could do it but Nobody did it.

Somebody got angry. They chose to shout at Everybody and said Anybody could do it. Everyone agreed that Somebody had to make that first step and commit to #100COPS and Everybody would then follow suit but Nobody stepped forward.

In the end the matter gained momentum. Nobody held back and Somebody said Anybody could go and eventually Everybody went and stood, with pride, alongside families and paid tribute to police officers gone… but never forgotten.


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